Whaea to the power of 7


It gives me the greatest of pleasure to introduce you to the people who will be helping me to run @whaeapower. Raising awareness about DV – we know it happens but we still assume it’s happening over there ——-> somewhere – and getting the word out about what we do.

VE is @victoriaous_1 : Vicky has been my sounding board and valuable mentor in a number of matters surrounding the Aunties.

DM is @delaneymes_ : Delaney has been an Aunty for a while, and has new and creative ideas about our direction.

MC is @morgy85: Morgan has been an Auntie who is ready to spring into action at any given moment

MW is @meiperamel : an Aunty with a Mum who has been Aunty to hundreds of young women in her life, and she has can-do attitude.

JTH is @JaneTHoye : an Auntie committed to changing attitudes & influencing beliefs. Passionate advocate for kids’ voices

TP is @tina_plunkett : saviour of St James, doyenne of KRd and uber Aunty

@whaeapower is about no judgement and plenty of compassion. We are here to simply raise awareness of domestic violence, and raise funds, and solicit donations, to help out Te Whare Marama and other refuges in South Auckland.

As the owner of this account, I would ask people to be respectful. Many of the Aunties who have stepped up on this account are new at using their voices around domestic violence and social justice issues. If you have concerns, I would ask that you email me or DM me (I have open DMs).

This is a new thing for all of us and I just ask that space be given as people learn to use their voices in this way.

Thank you.

Jackie Clark

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