Donating to Manaaki Tangata – services for homeless people, operating out of Te Puea Memorial marae

I’m  sure everyone is aware of Te Puea marae who have opened their doors to people and families who are homeless – living rough, in their cars, in garages, in tents. I bought 20 lots of toiletries and took them down there on Tuesday evening. I was greeted by a Whaea who took my name and phone number and had a bit of a chat with her. There was a young man with her, being assessed for need, and the whole time he was there he had his head down. I didn’t talk to him, I just briefly put my hand on his shoulder.

i tell you that because when I turned up at the marae today with stuff, he was there helping to unload the car. He gave me a shy smile, and I said hello to him. He was a different man. He had hope, and a job to do. He was of use, and appreciated.

So. I’ve committed the Aunties to ongoing support of Manaaki Tangata because this is one of my communities and because I know you all want to help.

So how can  you do that?

You can donate money to the Manaaki Tangata bank account. Those details are:

Te Puea Memorial Marae – Manaaki Tangata

BNZ Onehunga
02 0208 0009303 07

You can, of course, donate money to my givealittle.  I’ll be shopping for them on a weekly basis with your support.

For Countdown delivery:
Te Puea Memorial Marae
41 Miro  Rd
Mangere Bridge

You can deliver stuff directly to them.  Either ring 096367019 OR text John on 021023 48215 OR just turn up. There are Māori wardens posted down Miro Rd to greet you and they will radio ahead that you’re there. No pōwhiri required, you’re kaimahi (workers) so it’s all good.

John will tell you they need:

Toiletries (he kept saying shampoo)
Toilet paper
Sanitary products
Tea towels
Dishwashing liquid
Dishwashing gloves
Hand sanitiser
Liquid soap

Towels and bedding are going to be ongoing needs too. Clothes. Shoes.

I would also suggest luxury items – bars of chocolate would be good! (But make sure you buy in bulk).

If you have any questions or want clarification, just ask. Ring them and talk to them – they’re a bit busy at the moment to reply to emails.

And thank you for your compassion and support. Always.


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