Some big projects – how you can help

I’m a teacher, which means it’s the holidays soon, and what that means for the Aunties is that usually we do a big shop for all the women and their children residing in two refuges. This time, we will be doing that and we are also filling another 20 toilet bags. (We have 125 more to fill out of 135 so we’re doing them in 10’s at a time).

I’d also like the Aunties to do a volunteer day at Te Puea Marae, and excitingly I’ve decided it would be a lovely idea to take the Te Puea whānau on a trip. I’m in discussions currently with some people, as you do, and the idea that we will pay to hire a bus, and buy everyone lunch at the destination (who I’m working with to let the whānau come in for free).

How can you help? We have enough funds to cover trip expenses, and the grocery  and toiletries shopping. If you’d like to contribute financially, however, that’s always appreciated. You can do that here. But the biggest way you can help is by showing up.

The shopping for toiletries and groceries will likely be on Saturday the 16th of  July. I’m going to need at least 12 people to turn up. Some will do the grocery shopping – you will have shopping lists written by the women with their specific requirements. Some will do the toiletries – this bit is easy. We just need 20 items each of around 8 products and the list is always the same.

I also need people willing to volunteer at the Marae, and others who would like to accompany the Te Puea trip.

If any sounds like you, please contact me on

Or you can DM me at @whaeapower – my DMs are open.

Many thanks

Jackie Clark

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