A day in the (new) life of the Head Aunty

Many of you know that at the end of September, I quit my teaching job in order to Aunty more fulltime. I thought that may be a couple of days a week. But at the moment, it really is fulltime. I’ve done this post more as a sort of accounting to myself, and been surprised at what this job actually consists of. It’s also a useful log for later, when I have to account to others for hours worked.


– Nov 2: 35 kms, meet K,  got stuff for kids – 3 hours
– Nov 3: 75 kms. Picked up stuff from Glen Eden, Balmoral, went to WH and bought $300 gift card for a family. Went to refuge, gave K $150 for phones. Gave stuff to C. Drove to PO Box in Manukau, storage unit in Wiri – unloaded car, put stuff in unit. 9-4
– Nov 6 – warehouse to buy 6 flexitubs $90, post office box, storage unit to unload tubs and boxes of clothes 47 km 10-2
– November 10th – 70km – post office storage unit, unload bedding, refuge, take C home 11-2
– 12 Nov – 28 km – storage unit to meet with Mel to discuss organising it 1-2
– 16 Nov – storage unit to unpack 10 km 9-10
– 25 Nov – loading car, storage unit, unpack, take baby stuff and clothes, Kmart for D voucher, Refuge 35 km 9-1
– 28 Nov – storage unit, refuge breakfast, Shine, pick up boxes, storage unit 67k 9-3
– Dec 1: refuge, unload, firm up Xmas lists with K, Kmart, post office, pick up J, unload baby stuff, take J to lunch, Warehouse for baby capsule, ($314) storage unit, police station re protection order and being transferred to another area 48km 9-3
– Dec 2 – attend K grad, pick up from Remuera, Western Springs, Onehunga, attend AWC AGM + talk abt Aunties and cars with CM 10am-9pm 90 kms
– Dec 3: pack car, storage unit 9.45-10.45
– Dec 5 – aunties meeting, pick up stuff 5.30- 9pm
– Dec 6 – drop stuff off at Te Whānau Rangimarie
– Dec 7 – C: MSD, police, enrol little C at kindy. 63k 12-4
– Dec 8 – post office, storage unit, unpack gifts, pack towels and bedding, refuge, supermarket for vouchers, back to refuge 20 km 10-2
– Dec 8 – pick up H, take to storage unit to get gifts and clothes, take her home again. 15 km 4.30-5.30
– Dec 9 storage unit with C to get clothes and gifts; 6pm phone T, talk, take food and visit with her. 6-8 pm
– Dec 10 – pick up A, shopping for and packing luxury gift baskets, 30 km
– Dec 12 – pick ups x 4, Mt Eden, Greenhithe, Pt Chev, shop for staff gift baskets 106km 10-4.30

Spend an average of 3 hours a day on Aunty emails/SM/messenger

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