Electoral rolls, and women

Aunty is quite angry this morning. Angry because once again the MSM is using an indiscretion – which actually may or may not be – committed in her early twenties to beat up on Metiria Turei. In my personal opinion, what’s being done is racist, sexist, and completely cynical. They’re using her honesty to bludgeon her over the head because, quite frankly, it’s ‘GOOD NEWS’ .

Except it’s not. They’re creating headlines because a) they’re scurrilous b) they’re scurrilous c) you can see where I’m going with this.

Once again, as with her talking about her own benefit “fraud”, she exposes weaknesses in the system. And allows other people, who have done exactly the same thing, to open up about that. And why our system fails so many people.

I get to hear people’s stories every day. Emails, messages, texts. Today was no different. I received a message that highlights a problem particular to people in violent relationships, but more pertinently, the exigencies of being poor. The person who told me their story has asked me to share it with you.

Our writer says:

“I used a separate address from where I was living to remain anonymous to my abusive ex, because it was faster and cheaper and less stress than going of getting on the unpublished roll. (And getting a restraining order)
I also kept as many accounts as possible there. (And because I had moved in such a rush / moving around a bit due to rental shortages etc and found out suddenly I was out of zone for school my child was growing up in /community i was in) I applied under that address with enrolment too.
As soon as I was capable and safe I updated including with the school.
If the system had allowed me to be honest privately I would have.
I’m now all out in open as it safe to do so but it was a temporary measure.

Also yes, democracy was that important to me and my ability to vote that I did it that way over and above not being on the roll.

And yes he would have looked.”

You may posit that Metiria wasn’t escaping from a violent relationship. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that people do what they do at the time they do it for the reasons they do it. And unless they’re hurting us, their reasons for doing what they do aren’t our concern. I’m not a lawyer, nor an electoral specialist. But I know a bit of stuff. And one of the things I know is this: that if you can look into your heart and say that all the lies politicians tell while they’re in power are lesser than minor indiscretions committed many years before they become a politician? You’re being judgemental and, in this case, more than a little sexist and racist.

If you need to go on the unpublished roll, you can find out more here.

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