Subscribers Appeal – March 2018



Many of you will know that our dear Head Auntie Jackie has been doing her incredible work for several years now. Auntie Jackie has never been paid for this – in 2016 quit her job so she could do it full time and without distraction and sold her house, using some of that money to live on.


One of the things that happens too often in this world is that women do important and extraordinary work without being paid for it. Jackie took this on, always hoping that the charity board she set up would be able to raise funds to pay for at least some of her time in the future.


Well, the future is now! The Aunties Trust Board is seeking subscribers to contribute towards a monthly amount for Jackie.  It won’t fully recognise her work (one of our board members would like to pay her $2000 an hour) but it will give her some secure income to support herself and her family, and thus some certainty about being able to continue to do this crucial mahi for the next year… and the one after that and, we hope, for as long as she wants to.


How will subscribers work?  We’d like you to set up a monthly Automatic Payment that goes to a special bank account we have set aside specifically for “people costs”.  The Aunties Board will be entering into a contract with Jackie to “do her do”, and this money will primarily go towards paying her for that and possibly, in time, paying someone else for some admin work too.


To make it super easy for you to become a subscriber, we have some ideas about amounts, and cute names that go with each level – though you can pick a different monthly amount (and add your own cute name) if you like.


$5 per month:           Paua
$10 per month:         Pohutukawa
$20 per month:         Kina
$50 per month:         Kowhai
$100 per month:       Tui
$500 per month:       Kauri


All you need to do is set up a regular Automatic Payment to this bank account (NB: slightly different from the main Aunties bank account):   12-3019-0022633-01

We really appreciate your support for The Aunties – whether it’s by spreading the word, giving stuff, donating money, or hugging our Head Auntie randomly in the middle of the Warehouse when you see her.


Looking forward to seeing what we can do next, together!


The Aunties is a registered charitable trust, and as such your donation will be tax deductible. Please email if you wish to be receipted.

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