We are nearly there! Earlier in March, we did a shout-out for people to pledge a regular monthly donation so that we can start paying Auntie Jackie for the incredible work that she does.

Our first goal is to pay Auntie Jackie $2000 per month for the many hours she dedicates to helping people in need. So far, subscriptions total $1,400 per month – so we are really close, but we need a few more people to join us and contribute towards a monthly amount for Jackie.

We have set up a special bank account for “People Costs” for your Automatic Payments. Here’s the account number: 12-3019-0022633-01

And because we are a registered charitable trust, your donation is tax deductible. Win-win. Our registration number is: CC54387

Your subscription doesn’t have to be a lot – anything from $5 to $500 (or more – feel free to go crazy). Here are our suggestions, with cute names you can use to make your bank statements look a little more interesting:

$5 per month: Paua
$10 per month: Pohutukawa
$20 per month: Kina
$50 per month: Kowhai
$100 per month: Tui
$500 per month: Kauri

We really appreciate your support for The Aunties – whether it’s by spreading the word, giving stuff, donating money, or pledging your support for Auntie Jackie’s work. All of it is about meeting needs with love.

Michele A’Court (Chair)

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