What Aunty Jackie Does

This, as I have mentioned elsewhere, has turned into a full time job. It is currently unpaid, but we are applying for funding so that it is not. I have published a log before, but I thought it would be useful for people new to The Aunties to see what it looks like.

So what DO I do?

Well let’s take last month as our example, and go from there.

I drove 1190 kms. I worked for 166 hours. (And loved every minute of those hours).

Every day  for varying amounts of time, Admin is: Phone (calls, texts), messenger, email; answering offers of stuff, organisations who would be useful, women who need stuff, daily contact with Kris, dealing with service providers (uniforms, cars, rent, power etc); writing blog posts; Social media (FB and Twitter) for fundraising, awareness raising, feedback, communicating needs, thanks, telling stories.

Storage unit, KMart, refuge 12-4 +2 hours admin
Admin 3 hours
Storage, mail, PNS, WH, Uniform Shop, Refuge, Storage 9.30-2.30 + 3 hrs admin
5 x Pick ups NZPC 9.30 – 3 + 1 hr admin
Storage, WH, KMart, refuge, Storage 9.30 – 4 + 3 hrs admin
Pick up S, errands for her, Storage, drop S off, storage 9 – 5 + 4 hrs admin
6 x pickups, NZPC, Pillars NZ 8.30 – 2 + 4 hrs admin
refuge, Butterfly Creek 9.30-3 + 4 hrs admin
Pick up J, storage, tyres, refuge, WH, s/mkt, gas station 10 – 3 + 4 hrs admin
Refuge, Post Office, Mail, Meeting with K/M, M’s house, PNS, R 12-6 + 3 hrs admin
2 x pick ups, storage, refuge, lunch for D 9 – 3 + 3 hrs admin
Pick up S, pick up S2 from refuge, art gallery, take girls home 10.15 – 3.30 + 4 hrs admin
Storage, mail, refuge, Stardome, refuge 10-4 + 2 hrs admin
Pick up T, Shopping (Onehunga – Manukau) take T home 10.30-5 + 2 hrs admin
Storage, PNS, KMart, Refuge, Storage, 2x pickups 9.30-5.30 + 2 hrs admin
Storage, NZPC, 8x pick ups, meeting with 20/20 trust 8.30-4.30 + 3 hrs admin
Storage, PNS for D, storage 10.30 – 1 + 3 hrs admin
PNS, refuge, National Art supplies meeting, Warehouse, refuge. 9,15-3pm + 2 hrs admin
storage, swap car
1 x pick up, refuge, storage, refuge
3 hours admin
meeting with K re MB refuge, storage, refuge 9.30-2.30 + 2 hrs admin (C’s divorce)

So that’s what I do (not including monthly Board meetings). I never know how to tell people what I do, so I asked the Board to quantify it for me, and this is what they came up with……

  • Logistics
    • Coordinate donations
    • I get people stuff
  • Advocacy – Personal and Public
  • Media
    • Social media
    • Interviews
  • Woman’s Refuge
  • Make the work visible / profile
  • Community Liaison
  • Driver
  • Fundraising

I hope that covers it! I’m still learning what I do, really, and every day is something different. I couldn’t do any of it without the grace of the refuges I have relationships with, and the Aunties. That’s you. So thank you for letting me live my dream, and do this job that is my all consuming passion. I am incredibly grateful, and immensely privileged.