How You Can Help Us

Updated: May 2018

Our most current needs: 

For my clients: –  girl’s winter clothes sizes 2-5, boy’s winter clothes sizes 2-5, women’s clothing 8- 12, women’s clothing sizes 16-20, undies for women and kids (all sizes, brand new only please), socks (new), gloves/hats/scarves for kids of all ages. 

Undies and socks can be posted to:

The Aunties

PO Box 76638,


Auckland 2241

Everything must be in immaculate condition and FRESHLY washed. This makes a huge difference to the women when they come to get what they need. Manky – slightly stained, dull whites etc –  is not okay, and is thrown away immediately. 

I have just started working with Liza, who is the sister of my lovely friend Trish who I work with closely. Liza is a mental health community worker, and drives everyday from Whakatane, to the little community of Murupara. She works with kids from 8- 16, and they’re all living in that intersection of addiction/violence/poverty, and the byproducts of that, anxiety and depression. Trish goes down to see her once a month, and so what I’d like us to do for next month is raise some money to fill 20 toiletry bags,  and also fill a box with kids/teens clothes from 8-16. Nice, warm clothes. Clean, and immaculate, of course. You can put money in the Aunties bank account: The Aunties 12-3019-0022633-00

The clothes can be picked up in the next 3 weeks by Donna. Please keep these separate from general donations, and label MURUPARA


For Disability Connect: the social workers are providing resources for a woman who’s about to give birth.  She needs:  A heater – there is no working heating in the home presently
· A pushchair (one of the Mountain buggies with a bassinet could serve for this purpose and above)
· Car seat suitable for a newborn
· Baby bath, baby wash, towels
· Disposable nappies and wipes

Please contact Katharine on


Salvation Army transitional housing team: beds,
table and chairs
coffee tables,
baby gear
washing machine
Fridge freezer

Please contact Rosanna (team leader) on

If you have stuff to give to me for any of OUR people, please message me via Facebook/email me/Tweet me, and I will add you a schedule for weekend pickup. This is done every weekend from North, Central and East. If you are out West you have two choices of drop off point. Please contact me for those.  And if you are out South, please contact me and we will arrange for me to pick up, or for you to meet with me at the storage unit in Wiri. 

Please, also, if what you’re looking to donate is not on this list, email me. Or if you’d like to phone me, do that. I’m on 0275228115. Basically, if it’s not on the list, we don’t need it. 

Things we need all the time: 

The whole idea of the Aunties is that our people get the best we can get them, and we intend to keep it that way. If you have designer clothes that need a home, we now have The Aunties Shop. Please contact me through the Aunties Facebook page and we can arrange collection. These clothes not only go on sale, but are also for the women who come to the storage unit. They have made a lot of women very very happy. 

 We sell these clothes on, for very reasonable prices, and the money is being kept until we have enough to buy a good supply of dressing gowns to have available in our storage unit.  

Please always bear in mind that, in any given year,  we  service and care for a lot of people, most of whom are dealing with the fall out of family/street or intimate partner violence. Their needs are many, and our aim is to provide them with as many of those needs as is practicable. We keep up with most needs but we always need more. And our kaupapa is meeting needs with aroha. If you don’t give with love, then please give to another charity, and not to us. This is the way this has to be. 

So what do we need, all the time? And how can you help us?

1) Money! 

We are inviting people to subscribe so that Jackie can get paid for the really important work that she does. If you are interested and would like to contribute you can read more about that here.

The bank account for those subscriptions is 12-3019-0022633-01

We always always need money. Always. Your money is spent on many and varied needs of our clients, from food to gifts or hair dye or spending sprees for teenagers or tyres… get the gist. The list goes on. I am increasingly doing online grocery shopping for women – this works well for them because they can send me an extensive list to stock up the pantry, and freezer (meat, eggs, butter and milk are so expensive), and they can trust that I will get them everything on their list. Most of them, the ones I work with long term, prefer this to me giving them PNS gift cards because it’s delivered right to their door and they don’t have to use petrol they can ill afford.

Many of the women we support in the community are also supporting their own communities. In particular in Mangere, and Papakura. If you are from those communities and want me to hook you up, I can do that.

As well, our outgoings have increased with the number of clients I work with. I would spend around $3000 a month or more on community clients, and we give financial assistance to the organisations we work to the tune of around $3000 a month. So keep looking down the back of those sofas, cos every penny counts.


You may also deposit funds in our bank account. 

The Aunties



And contributing via our Givealittle funding page is the easiest option. Please be aware that funds given in a month don’t come to our bank account until the FOLLOWING month. 

If you would like a receipt, please email and we will sort that for you.

2. Food.  Most of the time, I just do online shopping from lists, or I give people supermarket gift cards to the value of $100, $200 at a time. However. Fresh fruit/veges/meat are always appreciated. If you have a source of those in any quantity, or you’d like to support one of the whānau we work with in this manner, just ask me and I will connect you directly with them. Same goes with cooking. If you want to give a woman a break, by cooking some meals for her freezer, let me know and I will give their contact details to you. (These would be women in the community).

3. Bedding(2nd hand/pre-loved absolutely fine)


4Furniture. Clients of both the emergency housing team of the Salvation Army,  and Te Whanau Rangimarie are always in need of furniture. The Sallies can pick up, but TWR can only occasionally pick up so if you can drop off, that’s perfect.


The biggest way you can help us to get our whānau what they need is to share this blog, and/or find us on Facebook –  – I keep the Facebook page updated daily with needs, and stories. 


Many thanks for your interest, and compassion. We can’t  do this without you.

Jackie Clark



You can contact me  @whaeapower on Twitter

Or email me at

You are also very welcome to ring/text me on 0275228115.