How You Can Help Us

Before you read the needs list, please read this instructive post about the standards we expect from our donations.

And if you want to be more specific about your donations, and I hope you all do, please read here.

Our most current needs for our storage unit…..

  • Size 1-4 boys clothes – freshly washed, secondhand or new – no rips, tears, stains.
  • girls clothing Size 5-10 – freshly washed, secondhand or new,- no rips, tears, stains.
  • S/M/L women’s undies – brand new in their packet only, please.
  • Warm jumpers and jackets unisex, all sizes. Secondhand, freshly washed, and in good nick.
  • Mens clothes in 2XL sizes
  • Womens professional wear in 2XL

The Aunties whānau has a wants and needs list that we have updated.

Whānau needs: 

drawers x 6


sets of 4 chairs x 4

beds – 2 single, 1 king single, 1 bunks

bikes x 3 for 1 16 yr old, 1 12 yr old, and 1 10 yr old

2 x vacuum cleaners

chest freezer x 2



washing machine

full length mirror

kitchen stuff – pots and pans, dinner set, appliances (toaster etc)

If you have any of these things contact Phil or I and we will try to arrange transport, this may not always be possible so we really appreciate doing the hard yards on their end.

Basically, if it’s not on this current list, we don’t need it. 

The whole idea of the Aunties is that our people get the best we can get them, and we intend to keep it that way. If you have designer clothes that need a home, we now have The Aunties Shop.  These clothes not only go on sale, but are also for the whānau women. They have made a lot of women very very happy. Lara has put in place a very simple and direct way of buying these items as cheap as chips. 

Please always bear in mind that, in any given year,  we  service and care for a lot of people, most of whom are dealing with the fall out of family/ intimate partner violence. Their needs are many, and our aim is to provide them with as many of those needs as is practicable. We keep up with most needs but we always need more. And our kaupapa is around people finding their light, and standing in their power. If you don’t give with love, then please give to another charity, and not to us. This is the way this has to be. Power and light are not found in donations that are tatty and smelly…..

So what do we need, all the time? And how can you help us?


Just go to our DONATE page, and it will give you all the details, including the form to download for payroll giving.


  • Undies/socks for women and kids in all sizes
  • Toiletries (hotel) for the NZPC, and normal sized ones for our clients. Nothing opened. Nothing used. 
  • bedding
  • towels


The biggest way you can help us to get our whānau what they need is to share this blog, and/or find us on Facebook –  – I keep the Facebook page updated as needs arise. 


Many thanks for your interest, and compassion. We can’t  do this without you.

Jackie Clark



You can contact us   @aunties_the on Twitter

Or email Phil at to find out what we need. 

You are also very welcome to ring/text me on 0275228115. 


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