How You Can Help Us

People are extraordinarily generous, and if I have learned one thing, over the last few years, it is this. That most people want to help, but really aren’t sure how to go about that.  I can show you, if you’ll let me.  And in the process of helping us, it is more than likely, somewhere along the way, that we can help you out too. 

I currently work in depth with  a growing number of organisations, providing clothes, bedding etc and some additional needs for our most vulnerable citizens.

If you have stuff to give to the me for any of our people, please message me via Facebook/email me/Tweet me, and I will add you a schedule for weekend pickup. 

Please, also, if what you’re looking to donate is not on this list, email me. Or if you’d like to phone me, do that. I’m on 0275228115. 

 We have the storage unit, but space is still somewhat limited! I like clothing items, and bedding to be put in black rubbish sacks. I will not take bedding or clothes that aren’t freshly laundered or nice. The whole idea of the Aunties is that our people get the best we can get them, and we intend to keep it that way. If you have designer clothes that need a home, we now have The Aunties Shop. Please contact me through the Aunties Facebook page and we can arrange collection. 

 We sell these clothes on, for very reasonable prices, and the money currently will be going to buy dressing gowns for the women and kids in the refuge, and emergency house. 

Please always bear in mind that, in any given year,  we  service and care for a lot of people, most of whom are dealing with the fall out of family/street or intimate partner violence. Their needs are many, and our aim is to provide them with as many of those needs as is practicable. We keep up with most needs but we always need more.

So what do we need? And how can you help us?

1) Money! 

Money is always, of course, very useful.  The Givealittle funds don’t come into our bank account until the month following (if you give e.g. in July, the money comes to us in August). Refuges receive a limited amount of funding from the MSD – women are funded to stay at refuge for one month only, so they pay board as well – and it can be difficult to stretch those dollars. Every thing you give us is something they don’t have to buy, and this can stretch those dollars further, and further.   They are supporting a lot of people, and so, by proxy, are we!   Apart from the cost of two storage units – $400 a month – and the PO  Box – $90 a year – I  do not use any of the funds for administration costs. The Board has recently started giving me mileage money – I drive between 900 – 1100 kms a month, and we are starting to apply for funding so I can get a salary for this job, which is now full time.

Contributing to our bank account is the best option. That bank account, currently is in the names of: 



And contributing via our Givealittle funding page is the easiest option.

Funds raised  are used to provide things it’s hard to get donated:

  • toiletries
  • ID needed for the women or children for applications
  • grocery vouchers for the FVIARS coordinator to distribute
  • grocery vouchers for women when they arrive at the refuge, and at regular intervals for all women in residence
  • drivers licenses
  • school provisions for the childrens’ new school such as uniforms, stationary, and schoolbags
  • vouchers for the women to purchase new kitchenware, bedding and small appliances for their new home (they are given $150 Kmart vouchers when they leave)
  • art supplies for the children
  • trips for the refuge mums and their children

All of these are needs that we find hard to meet.  The women in most refuges pay board, and for their own food. If we take as many worries off their plate for them, they get the space and time to think, calmly, about what’s next. It’s as simple as that.

If you would like a receipt, please email and we will sort that for you.

2. Bedding/towels (2nd hand/pre-loved absolutely fine)

At the moment, we are in dire need of towels. The women get to keep these when they leave, so this is really important. In the other refuges we are working with, there are many people. Please make sure these are freshly washed and in good condition.

At the moment, I really need blankets for the Emergency Housing Team. If you have sheets or blankets, you can drop those off to the Salvation Army at 691a Mt Albert Road, Royal Oak. You will need to tell the receptionist that they are for Rosanna (the team leader of the emergency housing team). Please go only whilst they are open – their hours are:  9-5, Monday to Friday.

3. Birthday presents.

We try hard to make sure that children have birthday and Xmas pressies. If you would like to buy a gift for a child/children, please do that and send to:

The Aunties
PO Box 76638,
Auckland 2241

Thank you!

4. Women’s Clothes – sizes 16 – 20  The people we help often come to the storage unit to get what they need. At the moment, we have a real lack of larger sized womens summer clothes. Please email me at and we can arrange those to be picked up.

5.  Slippers and socks  (both for women and kids)

6. Hotel toiletries: These are for the Prostitute’s Collective. The women who work on the street pop into the NZPC offices on a daily basis to pick up a new pack. We particularly need shampoos and conditioners at the moment.

If you have any of the goods on this list, please email me or tweet me @whaeapower and I will come and pick them up when I can. Or you may courier/post to:

The Aunties, PO Box 76638, Manukau, Auckland 2241


The biggest way you can help me to get the women what they need is to share this blog, and/or find us on Facebook –  – I keep the Facebook page updated daily with needs, and stories. 


Many thanks for your interest, and compassion. We can’t  do this without you.

Jackie Clark



You can contact me  @whaeapower on Twitter

Or email me at